Northern California & Nevada
Emergency Request

While emergency situations are rare, prompt attention is essential in mitigating damage, maintaining safety, or simply avoiding an unnecessary nuisance.  In the event there is some kind emergency creating any of the following conditions;

  • Total loss of electrical power (unrelated to a public utility emergency)
  • Gas leak (if gas leak is detected, immediately contact gas company)
  • Total loss of heating system with outside temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Total loss of air conditioning with outside temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Total loss of water supply (unrelated to a public utility emergency)
  • Total loss of hot water supply
  • Persistent water leak of any kind (a water leak who’s source can be shut off without shutting water off to entire home is not considered “persistent”)

Please immediately contact the Legacy Homes Customer Service Department at

Northern California

(209) 951-6190 x 316 (During Regular Business Hours)
(209) 479-0699 (After Hours or Holidays)

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Northern California and Nevada